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Turning Towards Each Other

with Jovida Ross & Weyam Ghadbian

Conflict is a necessary and inevitable part of living in the world, especially when you’re someone trying to change it. Too often our change work gets stalled or shut down by poorly handled and/or avoided conflicts. We (Jovida Ross and Weyam Ghadbian) wrote the Turning Towards Each Other Conflict Workbook with the hopes of supporting people working towards social justice to build our collective conflict resilience and strengthen relationships, movements, and collective wellbeing. Join us for a workshop to help orient you to some of the tools in the booklet and better harvest the gifts of conflict in your lives and work!

Jovida Ross (she/they) was first politicized watching her solo-parent mom raise three kids on a teacher’s salary. She’s been active in social justice movements ever since. She coauthored Turning Towards Each Other: A Conflict Workbook with Weyam. Jo works with Real Food Real Stories, cultivating connected and just foodsheds through story.

Weyam Ghadbian (they/she) is a Syrian healer, meditation instructor, and a transformative facilitator. She is the daughter of Syrian political dissidents and grew up in the U.S. South. She spent years producing cultural programming for healing and social justice and organizing with the SF Bay Area Arab community. Weyam comes to conflict transformation from a deep commitment to creating containers for healing and safety that repair wounds caused by systemic oppression and restore harmony (the meaning of her name) to the earth and each other.


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Turning Towards Each Other: A Conflict Workbook

(B/W printable version coming soon!)

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