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Introduction to Restorative Conversations

with nuri nusrat

What is a restorative conversation? How do we ground our conversations in seeing each other's humanity? Explore “A Restorative Conversation Toolkit” and learn about restorative justice values and principles, the goals and strategies of restorative conversations, and how to craft your own restorative questions. 

This toolkit is for anyone wanting to practice talking about conflict, things that are hard to talk about, things that hurt, in an attempt to: understand the person in front of you; address the impacts of harm, mutual harms, conflicts, and more; and support those impacted in getting what they need to move forward in a way that supports their healing.

nuri nusrat (she/her) facilitates restorative justice processes and healing circles because they allow us to be humans together while talking about the places we feel shame and fear. She's done this work for the last seven years and lives in Oakland, CA. You can reach nuri through her practice, jungu, and via email at


A Restorative Conversations Toolkit

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