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Graphic notes by Laura Chow Reeve / Radical Roadmaps

In Our Own Hands: Talking Transformative Justice & Abolition with Children

with Rania El Mugammar

This session explores tools and strategies for co-learning about transformative justice & abolition with little ones. Focusing on everyday and organized resistance, the session empowers families, communities, and children with some of the foundational questions and interventions that enable us to get closer to a just world. The workshop is grounded in imagination and possibility as core approaches to liberation.

Rania El Mugammar is a Sudanese artist, abolitionist, anti-oppression consultant, and liberation educator based in Toronto. Rania's artistic and community work is deeply rooted in Black Liberation. Rania is a published writer, award-winning organizer, reproductive justice advocate, speaker, arts educator, and multidisciplinary performer.



In Our Own Hands Resource