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Introduction to Get in Formation

with Vision Change Win

“Get in Formation: A Community Safety Toolkit” is a collection of security and safety practices built by years of learning from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color movements within the U.S. 

From the toolkit: “At Vision Change Win, we believe that Community Safety includes the following: security, office and organizational safety, verbal de-escalation, physical de-escalation, personal safety, transformative justice processes, community safety neighborhood strategies, bystander intervention, and cop watch.

This toolkit will focus specifically on Verbal De-escalation, Office and Organizational Safety, and Security for events and actions, along with specific information tailored to this historical moment of both uprising and viral pandemic.”

Vision Change Win Consulting (VCW) is a Black-led team of queer and trans people of color social justice consultants and facilitators dedicated to supporting organizations in fully manifesting their missions, visions, and values.

Ejeris Dixon is an organizer, facilitator, and political strategist with 20 years of experience working in racial justice, LGBTQ, anti-violence, and economic justice movements. She is the Founding Director of Vision Change Win Consulting where she partners with organizations to build their capacity and deepen the impact of their organizing strategies. 

Che Johnson-Long is the Community Safety Program Coordinator at Vision Change Win Consulting where she co-designs community safety and security curriculum, provides one-on-one and organizational support and coordinates VCW’s safety and security programmatic offerings.


Get in Formation: A Community Safety Toolkit

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VCW’s Community Safety Training Series