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Fumbling Towards Repair Practice Session

with Mariame Kaba & Shira Hassan

Have you purchased the ‘Fumbling Towards Repair‘ workbook co-authored by Mariame and Shira? Are you interested in digging into the resource with them? During this session, Mariame and Shira will answer questions that Community Accountability (CA) process facilitators have and will guide you through a couple of the activities in the workbook.

The Just Practice Collaborative is a training and mentoring group focused on sustaining a community of practitioners that provide community-based accountability and support structures for all parties involved with incidents and patterns of sexual, domestic, relationship, and intimate community violence. This group and practice is a resource and a model for those who want to address violence without reliance on criminal legal and traditional social services.

Shira Hassan has trained and spoken nationally on the sex trade, harm reduction, self-injury, group work and healing, and transformative justice. Currently working as a consultant and coach, Shira offers program development and design, grassroots fundraising, participatory evaluation/action research, and assistance creating sustainable, healing centered and trauma-informed environments within organizations.

Mariame Kaba is the founder and director of Project NIA, a grassroots organization with a long-term vision to end youth incarceration. She has been active in the anti-criminalization and anti-violence movements for the past 30 years.


Fumbling Towards Repair: A Workbook for Community Accountability Facilitators

Graphic Notes


Beyond Survival (read Nathan’s “Facing Shame: From Saying Sorry to Doing Sorry” pp. 221-231), ed. by Ejeris Dixon & Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (Link)

Will to Change (preface) by bell hooks (Link)

Relinquishing Patriarchy List by adrienne maree brown (Link)

How to Be Accountable Workbook by Joe Biel & Faith G. Harper (Link)

Spring Up's Cultivate Consent Workbook (Link)

The Actual Feeling by Jennifer Williams (Link)

Mutual Aid and Trauma Resiliency by the Jane Addams Collective (Link)