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Creating Community in Classrooms

with Atom Fire Arts

As education evolves to meet the demands of a new era, we are all learning, socializing, and working in digital spaces more often. Sharing physical space has new limits, too. Online or in person, how we teach, learn, parent, facilitate, and lead are all changing in indelible ways. How do we create nurturing, productive, and transformative spaces for learning, work, and growth? What are the building blocks for sharing space and how can we use them to address our needs as learners and educators? In this session, we will use the resource "How to Share Space: Creating Community in Classrooms and Beyond" as a springboard to explore the opportunities presented by these changing norms and the challenges they bring.

Atom Fire Arts is a group of dedicated educators, artists, learners, and their supporters imagining the future of education together. "How to Share Space: Creating Community in Classrooms and Beyond" is a resource that comes out of our research and experience in building worlds with others. We study and seek new ways to implement best practices like trauma-informed care and transformative justice models in order to create learning spaces that allow people to be their fullest and most engaged whole selves.


How To Share Space: Creating Community in Classrooms and Beyond Resource

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